• Dr. Robert Girgis and his staff are a delight, a professionally established orthodontist practice that is knowledgeable, timely, and efficient. I would highly recommend it to my dearest friends and neighbors. - Martha M.


  • Dr. Girgis truly is the best orthodontist in the suburban Chicago area. I had a fantastic experience and great results! Dr. Girgis is a perfectionist and makes sure you are happy with your results. I was able to get my braces on and off in 2 years. It was quick and easy. I wouldn't go anywhere else! -Adam S.


  • Been going to Dr. Girgis for at least 2 years not because my son has had braces that long but because after his first round at another ortho they said he needed several teeth pulled which I told them I didn't want to do from the beginning. Dr. Girgis had us wait it out until the teeth fell out naturally all the while keeping an eye on what was going on. He was recommended to me by a holistic dentist and his communication is impeccable, I am very happy. The office is awesome with tons of decorations for holidays, a massive fish tank, and video games. The staff is super friendly and the wait times are almost nil. They also have coffee, snacks, and WiFi, no complaints ever. -Melissa D.


  • Dr. Girgis is hands down the best orthodontist in the suburban Chicago area, if not beyond. How can I say that? Well, I got braces there when I was in the 8th grade, over ten years ago. He tries his hardest to not pull teeth from his patients, which cannot be said of all orthos. I had braces for two years, which included headgear, rubber bands, and retainers afterward. In my senior year, had four wisdom teeth pulled by another dentist. I then had a form of Invisalign called the Red, White, and Blue system during my freshman year of college. I now wear retainers several times a week to bed. Why all this effort on my behalf? Because of Dr. Girgis and his staff of well-trained dental hygienists, I wanted to put the same effort into my teeth that they did. Additionally, I played softball in college and they made me a custom plastic mouthguard for free. I still obtain free maintenance checkups there and have had several excellent adjustments to my retainers. Recently, one guy told me my teeth looked like veneers and another guy told me they looked fake. If those are not compliments, I do not know what is. - Siao Linn S.


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